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Key structure research of Runshare scissor lift

The scissors Aerial work platform is an equipment used to transport personnel, tools and materials to the designated location, with safe and reliable, simple operation, good trafficability and good stability, etc. Recent years, along with the rapid development of our national economy and urbanization, flexible aerial work platform starts widely used in shipbuilding, building decoration, municipal garden, electric power communication, airport station and port construction or other places, the market demand is soaring.

Based on the 6m platform height scissor lift GTJZ06, Runshare technology design and research team systematic analyses the aerial work platform development and research status, selects aerial work platform overall scheme and each module scheme combining with the aerial work structure mechanics model of Runshare scissor aerial work platform. Establish the structure model of shear fork arm, chassis wheel carrier and chassis frame, make finite element analysis. Research the function requirements of driving system, lifting hydraulic system and control system, constructs the logic relationship and design principle diagram of three systems.Analyzes the related theory about the fatigue lift, combined with the static calculation and finite element static analysis, apply the nominal stress method research the fatigue lift of shear fork arm, predict the fatigue life of the shear fork arm, to get fatigue damage distribution of the shear fork arm.

Through statics analysis, finite element analysis and fatigue lift analysis of the  shear fork arm, master concentration of stress and the location of maximum fatigue damage of the shear fork arm, estimate fatigue life of the shear fork arm, finite life design on it, and optimize structure to provide a reference for the shear fork arm design.

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